Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maintenance for the WoodMaxx PTO Rotary Tiller

  1. Check and maintain gear oil level regularly. It is a good idea to check this every time you use the machine.

  1. DO NOT grease the slip clutch assembly
  2. Check safety shields before each use
  3. Check tiller tines fro stress or cracks. Tine bolts are torqued to 100ft/lbs, make SURE  that you torque them to the same poundage if replacing.
  4. Check all nuts and bolts to make sure that they are tight and secure at least every 10 hours of use. The bolts holding the main gearbox to the base plate and the L bracket bolts must be torqued to 75 ft./Lbs. The bolts holding the cross shaft (main gearbox to side gearbox) should be torqued to 45 ft/Lbs.
  5. To keep the slip clutch operating properly, periodically loosen the torque spring bolts and allow the slip clutch to slip for about 2 revolutions. Loosen the bolts until the springs lose contact with the flange yoke, and then tighten 1-1/2 turns. Further adjustments may be needed depending on tilling conditions.
NOTE: Do not over-tighten slip clutch or damage may occur.

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