Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maintenance for the WoodMaxx PTO Rotary Tiller

  1. Check and maintain gear oil level regularly. It is a good idea to check this every time you use the machine.

  1. DO NOT grease the slip clutch assembly
  2. Check safety shields before each use
  3. Check tiller tines fro stress or cracks. Tine bolts are torqued to 100ft/lbs, make SURE  that you torque them to the same poundage if replacing.
  4. Check all nuts and bolts to make sure that they are tight and secure at least every 10 hours of use. The bolts holding the main gearbox to the base plate and the L bracket bolts must be torqued to 75 ft./Lbs. The bolts holding the cross shaft (main gearbox to side gearbox) should be torqued to 45 ft/Lbs.
  5. To keep the slip clutch operating properly, periodically loosen the torque spring bolts and allow the slip clutch to slip for about 2 revolutions. Loosen the bolts until the springs lose contact with the flange yoke, and then tighten 1-1/2 turns. Further adjustments may be needed depending on tilling conditions.
NOTE: Do not over-tighten slip clutch or damage may occur.

Official Website:

Phone # 1-855-966-3629
Address: 42 Jackson Street, Akron, NY, 14001
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Eastern Time

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Monday, November 9, 2015

General Safety Information for the WoodMaxx PTO Driven Rotary Tiller

Read and follow the instructions in this manual, and especially the safety section. Ignoring this section. Ignoring this section could lead to serious injury or death.

The words danger, warning, and caution are used in this manual and on the safety labels provided with this machine to call your attention to a dangerous aspect of the machine. Please take these warning into full consideration.

Always remember: Do not operate the machine without the PTO drive shaft guards securely in place. Also see PTO safety information.

Clear area of any objects that could potentially become entangled in the tines before working.

Replace any safety decal that is worn or missing. WoodMaxx will provide you with these decals at no charge.

Never use medications, alcoholic beverages or drugs that can hinder  your judgment when using this equipment.

Under no circumstances should any person who is untrained, or is under the age of 18 use or operate this equipment.

Do not perform any unauthorized modifications on this equipment. Doing so can void your warranty.

Always be aware of people and objects in the area you are working, especially children or animals.

This machine is only as safe as the person operating it, please fully understand the operation and mechanics of both your tractor and this tiller before attempting to operate one or the other.
Never exceed the limits of this machinery. if safety is in question, DO NOT DO IT.


Check the master shield on the PTO shaft, make sure it is in good shape and fastened securely.

If you tractor does not have a live PTO, please make sure that it is equipped with an over-running clutch.

This tiller is power by your PTO. Please refer to your tractor's owner's manual for instructions to achieve 540 R.P.M. at the PTO, and also know how to start and stop your tractor in case of emergency.

When engaging the PTO, the engine should be at idle speed. Once engaged, raise the PTO to 540 RPM and maintain this RPM.


Watch for uneven or rough terrain, potholes, animals burrows, roots, rocks and other hazards that could cause your tractor to become unstable. Proceed extremely cautiously when on hillsides, or close to ditches. Do not make sharp turns or stop suddenly on slopes. Do not operate on very steep slopes. Use wheel wights, front tractor weight, or tire ballasts in extremely uneven terrain.

Do not dismount tractor before tines stopped moving. Never place hands or feet under the tiller when it is moving. Make sure all tines have completely stopped, that tractor is off, brake is set, and key has been removed from the ignition before dismounting tractor.

All bystanders and animals must be 150 feet away from tiller at all times due to danger from thrown objects.

WoodMaxx has engineered this machine with extremely rugged blades, but these blades are still capable of failing if they come in contact with other objects or concrete. If this occurs, blades could shatter and cause injury to death to bystanders or operator. Never allow tines to contact such obstacles.

Do not operate machine under any low hanging obstacles that could throw you (operator) off of the tractor and onto the ground, you could be injured by the rotating tines.

Stop immediately if you strike an obstruction. Stop tractor, set brake, remove key, waiting until tines have come to a complete stop, and repair any damage before continuing.

Operate tiller diagonally through sharp dips in the ground, and avoid sharp drops. This may take some practice. Always till down slopes, never across. Consult tractor owner's manual on proper operation on hillsides and slopes.

A minimum of 20% of the weight of the tractor & equipment weight must be on the front wheels, or a rollover becomes possible. You can add a loader or ballast to achieve this, but do not exceed ROPS weight limit. WEIGH THE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT IF YOU ARE UNSURE.

Do not allow the tractor or tiller to bog down or stall. If this continues to happen, reduce ground speed and raise depth of tiller. Do not ever travel at a fast speed while using the tiller.

NEVER attempt to turn the tractor or reverse the tractor with the PTO engaged and the tiller in the ground.

After each use, clean all debris from the tiller tines. Inspect for worn parts or other safety hazards, and repair accordingly.

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Phone # 1-855-966-3629
Address: 42 Jackson Street, Akron, NY, 14001
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Eastern Time

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WoodMaxx RT-58 PTO Rotary Tiller

The WoodMaxx RT-58 PTO Rotary Tiller Weigh 667 Lbs. The PTO Rotary Tiller has to be heavy in order for the tines to penetrate through tough soil. The 667 Lb capacity ensure that the job gets done first time!

The WoodMaxx RT-58 PTO Rotary Tiller has a 
Working Width of 53 Inches. 
The RT-58 Rotary Tiller Overall width is 58 inches.

The WoodMaxx RT-58 PTO Rotary Tiller has a Forward Rotation the same as the tractor's wheels.
Forward Rotation - This rotation requires less horsepower to operate; allows for a smoother bed of soil behind the tiller, and allows rocks to expel without recycling them through the tiller.

The WoodMaxx RT-58 PTO Rotary Tiller Requires 20 to 40 PTO Horse Power from the Tractor.

The working depth for the RT-58 PTO Rotary Tiller is adjustable up to 8 inches deep. 
The adjustable side runners allow for deeper tilling

Phone # 1-855-966-3629
Address: 42 Jackson Street, Akron, NY, 14001